The goal of Preconex is to provide the animal feed industry and livestock producers throughout the world with an easy and tailor made access to animal feed, especially towards those parts of the world where a shortage of protein does exist. For reaching this goal, Preconex is specialised in production of protein concentrates, various feed supplements and compound feed supply of protein rich ingredients conditioning of raw materials.
We do offer a whole line of compound feeds for various animals. Our vast experience an thorough knowledge of livestock production in climates from temperate to tropical is the end-users guarantee for the best possible results.
Production of feed supplements does include the manufacturing of high-quality protein concentrates, protein supplements and vitamin-mineral premixes. A rigorous control (chemical and microbiological) on raw materials and checks at all stages of the production process, is your best guarantee to ensure a high quality product. Those products can be manufactured according our standard specifications but are merely produced tailor-made according the specific needs of the customer.